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About Company
2001 November(Nov) 
- Selected as a part material export leading company.
2000 June 
- Selected as a top-ranking venture company.
1999 November(Nov) 
- Selected as a supervising company for development of the light railway transit vehicle system (by Korea Railroad Research Institute)
1998 July(Jul) 
- Selected as a venture company.
1997 July(Jul) 
- Founded Woojin Commercial & Industrial Co.,Ltd.
1997 June 
- Acquired EM mark for "Main Conversion System" for electric trains.
1997 June 
- Founded the second factory.
1996 November(Nov) 
- Received 50 Billion Dollar Export Top Prize on the Trading Day.
1996 April(Apr) 
- Acquired ISO 9001 certificate.
1995 January(Jan) 
- Opened a branch office in Tokyo, Japan.
1994 April(Apr) 
- Changed the corporation name from Woojin OHM Co., Ltd. into Woojin Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.
1993 June 
- Established "main conversion system" technology partnership for VVVF control electric trains with "Toshiba" Japan.
1993 April(Apr) 
- Established "auxiliary power system" technology partnership for electric trains with "Mitsubish" Japan.
1993 January(Jan) 
- Completed a plant of WOOJIN ELECTRIC MACHINERY CO., LTD.
1992 April(Apr) 
1992 February(Feb) 
- Developed "indoor train information display unit" for railroad vehicles of Korean National Railroad
1991 January(Jan) 
1990 April(Apr) 
- Developed the "auxiliary power systems" (GTO-SIV) for electric trains with local technologies.
1989 Decmeber(Dec) 
- Developed the "locomotive control console and relay box" for electric locomotive
1988 November(Nov) 
- Founded the R&D Center.
1988 October(Oct) 
- Completed construction of the new factory in the Industrial
Complex, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk, Korea (Ground 7,500㎡ , Building 6,940㎡)
1988 July(Jul) 
- Acquired KS mark for the power "wire wound resistor" (No. 6166)
1987 Decmeber(Dec) 
- Developed the "switchboard (HV/LV)" for the electric locomotive.
1987 February(Feb) 
- Developed three kinds of equipment as well as the "main controller" for electric trains
and the "main rectifier" (with fund supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry)
1986 April(Apr) 
- Registered as a corporation.
1983 June 
- Selected as one of promising small and medium enterprises. (No. 42 by Kookmin Bank).
1983 May 
- Established "destination display unit" technology partnership for electric trains with "Koito Industrial Co.,Ltd." Japan
1982 November(Nov) 
- Established "electric coupler" technology partnership for electric trains with "Yutaka Manufacturer" Japan
1981 January(Jan) 
Selected as a railroad vehicle supply systemization company by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
1978 May 
- Developed train resistors including the main resistor for the KNR electric trains.
1975 October(Oct) 
- Developed elevator resistors and EMD exchanger resistors.
1974 April(Apr) 
- Woojin OHM was founded.