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As the leader of the industry, Woojin Industrial Systems manufactures best electric train parts and automobile parts in Korea with high quality and serviceability.

By initiating development of Korean Standard electric trains and manufacturing world best-quality automobile parts, Woojin Industrial Systems is converting Korean standards into international standards.
Electric Locomotives
Woojin Mechanic Electricity is innovating development of Korean Standard electric trains with Woojin Industrial Systems.

Woojin Mechanic Electricity is manufacturing most of core parts of electric trains and is especially providing the best-quality electronic device supplies and sheet metal machine parts in Korea.
Company Name Woojin Mechanic Electricity
Employees 57 employees
Address Igok-ri 27, Sari-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk, Korea (367-823)
Telephone 82-43-833-3410
Fax 82-43-833-3419
Major Products Electronic device supplies, Sheet metal machine parts
Major Customers Korean National Railroad, Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, Pusan Urban Transit Authority, Rotem Company, LG Industrial Systems.
Having established partnership with Alpha a leading
Japanese automobile part manufacturer, Woojin Alpha is manufacturing key sets, antennas,
and door handles for automobiles with advanced technologies and quality.

Woojin Alpha has been recognized for its advanced quality as supplying its
products to leading automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, and Renault
Samsung Motors and exporting them to Japan.
Company Name Woojin Alpha Co., Ltd.
Employees 295 employees
Address Bangchuk-ri 610, Sari-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk, Korea (367-822)
Telephone 82-043-820-4488
Fax 82-43-836-7835
Major Products Key sets, Antennas, Door handles
Major Customers Hyundai Motors, Renault Samsung Motors, Ssangyong Motor,
Daelim Motors, Kia Motors Corporation