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Tran Information Systems
Tran Information Systems
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Train Control Monitoring System (TCMS Syst... 
* TCMS Composition Basic arrangement (4 cars) - Central system, Terminal, Operation status, Display Unit
Minimum arrangement (2 cars) - Central system, Display Unit
* Composition depends on car arrangement for maximum efficiency of cars.
Item Major Specifications
Between Cars Systems Monitor systems, Control systems
Transmission Path Twist pair shield cable
Transmission Speed 10Mbps
Transmission Method token passing
Transmission Level Manchester synchronization method
Modulation Method Frequency modulation method
Transmission Cycle 200~300 ms, 20ms
Within the Car Electric Specification RS485 full-duplex, Half-duplex, Current loop
Transmission Path Twist pair shield cable
Controlling Type Polling type
Transmission Level HDLC
Transmission Cycle Control System: 20ms, Monitor System: 1000ms
Transmission Speed 9.6kbps, 19.2kbps, 38.4kbps
Input/Output Display Color LCD touch panel
Auxiliary memory Non-contacting IC card, Contacting IC card
Function Control Operation Order Reverse order, Braking order, Door open/close order, Device cut
Auxiliary Control Air conditioner, Auxiliary power system, Broadcasting equipments, Display units, Equipment reset, etc.
Monitor Trouble Indication Controllers, Auxiliary power systems, Brakes, Propulsion devices, Doors, etc.
Troubleshooting Same as above
Inspection Factory Inspection Repair, Broadcasting equipment, Display units, Doors, Brakes, Propulsion devices
CPU MC6840+KU80386
KNR Monitor Device(TGIS) 
For the monitoring system, the monitor display and the central monitor device are installed in the first car, monitor terminals are installed in other cars, and cars are combined by SL-Net transmission. Through SL-Net transmission, operation information collection and communication are performed at the same time. The monitoring system supports the driver as well as inspection cars and trouble cause analysis.
Item Major Specifications Remarks
Rating Input Voltage   DC 100V(-30%,+10%) 70 ~ 110V
Used Current   Central Device, Terminal: 1A or less
  Display Unit: 2A or less
Interface Digital Input   DC 24V Insulated
  DC 100V Insulated
Digital Output   DC 24V Open Collector
  DC 100V PhotoMos Relay
Analog Input   DC 0 ~ 10v Full scale
Communication Type   20mA current loop
Ambient Temperature   -25℃ ~ +45℃
  (However, LCD is 0°C ~+45°C.)
Relative Humidity   20% ~ 90%RH Without dew condensation
Withstanding Vibration    KSR 9144 Type 2 Type B
Withstanding Voltage   1200VAC Case - Between terminals
Cooling Method   Natural Cooling
Insulation Resistance   20M MΩ or higher when measured by a 500V insulation resistance meter Case - Between terminals
Travel Information Display Unit 
* Overview
When door open/close data and speed signals are inputted, the travel information display unit calculates the travel distance and indicates the traveling direction and status of the train.

Control System 
* Overview
This control system automatically controls the train information display unit and the destination/train number display unit that have been installed to provide better services for passengers.

* Functions
- Controls the train number display unit
- Controls the car information display unit.
- Controls the destination display units installed in the front and the side
Train Information Display Unit 
* Overview
The train information display unit receives display time and display message (stop and announcement) data from the control system and displays this data.

* Functions
- Displays the destination, announcement, stops, opening doors, and other information
Train Number Display Unit 
* Overview
The train number display unit interfaces with the control system that is separately equipped in the TC car for better services, and receives train number data from the TCMS through the control system to display it.

* Transmission Interface
- Transmission Method: RS-485 2 WIRE MULTI-DROP
- Transmission Speed: 9600BPS
Destination Display Unit 
* Overview
The destination display unit receives the destination code from the TCMS or that has been set in the control system, and displays it.

* Setup Method
- Automatic Setup: When the TCMS recognizes the destination code, the destination receives the corresponding destination code from the control system and displays it.
- Semi-automatic Setup: The destination display unit receives the destination code that has been setup in the control system and displays it.
Train Performance Monitoring System (TPMS)... 
* Overview
The TPMS has been applied to Line No. 2 and 3 of Seoul Metropolitan Subway to detect/monitor the GEC chopper device in general. The TPMS is a trouble detection device that analyzes train status and operation data when any trouble occurs in the train and monitors performance of the train.
* Major Features
  - Trouble record (50 times)
  - Data sampling time (2ms)
  - Fault data record upon troubles (Overload, VL O/L, IA O/L, IF O/L, Overheat, GPS fault)
  - Digital signal 42CH (Gate signals are analyzed.)
  - Operation data record (16Mbyte Memory - 170 hours)
  - Operation data analysis (Windows program)
  - Record data output (Using ground equipments)
  - Data transmission through communication
  - Train number and time setup
* TPMS Specifications
Equipments Major Specifications
Train Equipments - Monitoring unitt
  32 bit processor Intel 80386ex
  12 bit A/D converter
  Digital Signal
  Display device (Segment display HPDL-2416)
   Communication device (RS-232)
- Memory Unit
  32bit processor Intel 80386ex
  16M byte memory (with SAN disk)
  Analog Signal
  Clock function (Battery, Calendar IC)
Ground Equipments  CPU PentiumⅢ-450Mhz
 HDD 6.4GB
 LCD 14.1"
 1.44MB (Basic external cable)