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Breakers and Contactors
Breakers and Contactors
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WIS HB-1512(Electronic Type) 
Item Main Circuit Control Circuit
  Rated Voltage (V) DC 1500 V DC 100V
 Rated Current (A) 1,200A 5A
  Contact Point Interval (mm) 28.5±1.5 -
  Contact Point Pressure 17 ± 1㎏ f -
  Breaking Capacity  DC 1500V-0.5mH
- 30KA
 DC 100V 0.6A
Double contact point
 Setting Current 1,200~2,400 (Setting adjustment)
  Coil Resistance (Ω) 17.2Ω(20℃)
  Controlling Type Electronic Plaza
  Mechanical Lifetime 200,000 times
(including the arc chute)
WIS C-1510(전자식) 
Item Main Circuit Control Circuit
  Rated Voltage (V)  DC 1500 V DC 100V
  Rated Current (A)  1,000A 5A
Contact Point Interval (mm)  18±1.5 -
  Contact Point Pressure  Main contact point
4.4±0.5㎏ f
 Arc contact point
3.7±0.5㎏ f
  Breaking Capacity  DC 1500V-20Mh
DC 100V 0.6A
DOUBLE contact point
 Weight (including the
arc chute)
  Coil Resistance (Ω) 173Ω(20℃)
  Controlling Type Electronic Plaza
  Mechanical Lifetime 3000,000 times
High-speed Breakers (DC 1500V, 600A) 
* Applied Specifications
Korean Industrial Standard (KS)
KS R 9155-1990  Testing Method for the High-speed Breaker of Railroad Vehicles
KS R 9157-1991  Testing Method for the Line Breaker of Railroad Vehicles
KS R 9158-1991  Testing Method for the Controller of Railroad Vehicles
Korean Railroad Standard (KRS)
KRS - 2244 - Jam 2237  Breakers for Electric Trains
KRS - 2244 - Jam 2236  Line Breakers for Electric Trains
Japanese Railway Society (JRS)
JRS 15162-1B-15AR3E  Contact Point Materials for Electric Devices of Vehicles
Unit Switch : DC 1500V, 150A 
* Overview
The unit switch blocks power from the MC circuit, the air compressor circuit, and the room heater circuit. The unit switch is installed in the lower part of "M" car.
Item Description
Form SP24-CI
Main Circuit Voltage DC 1500V
Rated Current 150A
Rated Voltage DC100v
Controlling Air Pressure 5㎏/㎠
Magnet Valve 
* Overview
The magnet valve is decided depending on the electric coil's status - being excited or not. As an electronic valve connecting air flow, the magnet valve is a steel plate functioning in the electronic valve
* Feature
- Light-weight and compact.
- Made of aluminum die casting.
- Uses a rubber valve for small parts and no lubricant.
- Adopted a reliable epoxy mold coil.
- vManual operation for port inspection.