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Tran Connectors and Couplers
Tran Connectors and Couplers
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Automatic Complex Connector 
Item Rating
  Tensile Strength of the Coupler
   Minimum Coupling Speed    0.6KPH
   Coupling Range    Horizontal: +370/-270mm
  Vertical: 115mm
   Number of Electric Coupling
  Symmetric 67P (25AMP)
   Air Coupling   Main air pipe, Braking pipe
 (1 1/4")
Jumper Coupler JC2 
- Overview
Used to connect or disconnect low/high-pressure circuits between trains
- Features
Easy to connect and disconnect
Full waterproof structure with earthquake-resistance
High Voltage ConnectorJC1 
- Overview
The high voltage connector is used to supply main power for the dedicated high voltage circuit between cars and the traction motor.
- Features
Compact-size and light for easy installation and handling in a small space.
Easy coupling and removing by one-touch method.
Full water-proof connector